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Rakhee Iyer

Tidal Energy in India -7500 Km Coastline, hidden potential

India boasts of 7,500 kilometres long coastline, being one of the 20 places worldwide where the height of the high tide is over five metres higher than the low tide to capture the tidal power...


Teaching Children the Value of Money – Buying Brands

In today’s world of rampant advertising by big brands, with advertisements splashed all over the different forms of media, from television, to social media to newspapers and billboards, it is really very difficult to keep...


Challenges In India’s Path To 100 GW Solar Power By 2022

This Government seems ambitious. The target is to achieve 100 GW of Solar powered energy by 2022. The current installed capacity of solar power in India is 5.8 GW. We are talking about adding about...


State of Renewable Energy In India

India became the 62nd country to ratify the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, committed to ensuring that at least 40% of its electricity be generated from renewable energy by 2030. The present Government has set...