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EastlyExpress: West Bengal, North East & the pandemic

Insights on Trade Relationship between India & its North East Neighbours with Pratim Ranjan Bose, Co-founder- Eastly Express | Researcher, Kolkata. Ezilarsan PKP: As Election has concluded in WestBengal, From your point of view, which...


Tourism in a sustainable mode, Bhutan way

How much of tourism is too much? The question baffles avid travelers, particularly to India’s hill destinations which were designed to accommodate a limited number of people. According to India Tourism Statistics, between 2000 and...

South Asia (SAARC) – amidst the changing geo political landscape

News reports would like us to believe that peacekeeping forces are preparing to leave Afghanistan in 2014. If that is so the dynamics of South Asia are set to change, and at a rapid pace. For...