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Are Big Tech firms and their AI tools hampering innovation?

Significant advances are being made in artificial intelligence, and more data is being collected than ever before. However, we are not as innovative as we could be. It would be nice if innovation could happen “just by...


Quiet quitting: How quiet quitters gain from doing just enough work

So-called quiet quitting is the act of doing exactly what the job calls for and nothing more. Now workers are using their free time and peace of mind to find new ventures. “In order to...


In 2021, Big Tech may have finally gotten too big

A rapid uptake in tech has made living through a pandemic easier and safer. But regulators are starting to ask: at what cost? A new year is approaching and, thanks to the pandemic, brings with it...


Taxing Big Tech to fund economic recovery?

International tax rules do not accurately reflect Big Tech’s global economic presence, a human rights group has concluded. A global minimum tax rate could help discourage tax dodging. G20 countries are losing out on as...


US lawmakers grill big tech bosses on disinformation

The chief executives of Facebook, Twitter and Google have been accused of allowing the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories by not properly policing their platforms. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Twitter chief Jack...