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Hong Kong Warns: Its Housing Bubble is a “Dangerous Situation”

The HK financial system is “very strong” and “can withstand an adjustment in the property market.” The Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the US dollar. Hong Kong’s monetary policy is follows the Fed’s monetary...

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Beijing takes gentle approach to deflating real estate bubble

Despite increasingly strict regulations, investment in China’s real estate industry, as well as sales totals and prices, still achieved high levels of growth last year. During the Communist Party’s third plenum, the new leadership announced...

India’s Real-Estate Bubble Is About To Burst – Violently!!!

These days, the word ‘BUBBLE’ is the new YOLO on Wall Street. Everyone, from PIMCO’s Bill Gross, to notorious short seller Jim Chanos, to the muppets/clowns on CNBC, are worried about asset bubbles forming as...