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Corporate strategies that keep Indian companies bullish in the face of global recession

The signs of a global economic downturn can be observed in historically high inflation in many global markets, fueling recessionary fears. The Russo-Ukrainian war and aggressive interest rate hikes to curtail inflation have resulted in...

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Holacracy: A chassis for corporate governance

Holacracy originated as connections in the organization, to be precise between the holons, which means ‘whole’ in Greek, implying they are units of members, who can independently but are non-existent without the organization (Koestler, 1967)....


Adoption of Ind AS and Impact on Corporate Performance

The adoption of IFRS-converged Indian Accounting Standards, being a reality after almost a-decade-long deliberations and a mega-failed attempt in 2011, is seen to be posing a different kind of challenge to the markets. The quarter...