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So What Do I Think about the “Crash” in Stocks?

With all this wailing in the media about stocks, you’d think there’s at least some blood in the streets. But no. Not a drop. The Dow fell 4.6% today to 24,345. This 1,175-point drop, as...


Opinion: A crash everyone should have expected

Technically, nothing has really happened yet. It’s still just the “markets” that are being shaken up, albeit rather violently. Granted, for every minute of trading at the moment, billions of dollars evaporate. But if you...

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George Soros’ Theory of Reflexivity & crash of the Indian Rupee

Enough has been written about the recent crash of the Indian Rupee. This article does not intend to rehash any ‘predictions’ by the ‘experts’. Economic forecasting has often been compared to astrology, and justifiably so....