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Getting your first Credit Card? Here’s What You Should Know

If used correctly, a credit card can function as a powerful tool to keep your finances in order. It can help you borrow money when you need it, avail cashless transactions, enjoy EMI facility, and...


The State of the American Debt Slaves, Q2 2019

Consumer credit – auto loans, student loans, and revolving credit such as credit card balances and personal loans, but not housing-related debt such as mortgages and HELOCs – grew 5.4%, or by $208 billion, in...


Subprime Profit-Machine Hiccups: Credit-Card Charge-Offs Rise Across Banking System

In the first quarter, the credit-card “charge-off” rate at the 4,650 or so smaller US commercial banks – all banks other than the largest 100 banks – ticked down to 7.37%, the sixth quarter in...


Eight accused for alleged role in global cyber heist worth $45 million

Seven men face charges related to a global cyber crime ring that stole $45 million in one of the biggest bank heists in history. The heist is believed to have involved hundreds of people and...