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Do cryptocurrencies offer Russians a way round sanctions?

Since a wave of financial sanctions hit Russia over its Ukraine invasion, questions have been raised over whether cryptocurrencies could provide an escape route. But leading exchanges said they will comply with the law. With...


Cuba’s digital startups sidestep US remittances blockade

Money transfers from exiled Cubans living in the United States are crucially important for their families back home. But a recent US ban on remittances is forcing Cubans to go digital to keep dollars rolling...


Cryptocurrency Ban: Example of Bureaucratic high handedness

It’s official now! A draft bill is prepared to ban cryptocurrency lock, stock and barrel in India. India, more precisely its bureaucracy, christened as ‘Inter-Ministerial Committee’, has submitted a bill which has not only criminalized...


Why bitcoin is valued in Zimbabwe

This year has seen cryptocurrency bitcoin shatter all growth expectations, continuing to defy dark predictions. In Zimbabwe, its growth has been particularly striking, all the more so amid recent political turbulence. Sometimes, history is best...