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Will Apple’s India production get tangled in charger rules?

India’s decision to implement universal charging ports by 2025 could disrupt Apple’s production plans, as the tech giant lobbies for exemptions. The move aims to align with EU standards and reduce electronic waste. India is set...


Is it time to rent, not buy, electronics?

Laptops, phones and tablets come out in new, flashier upgrades each year, and consumers lap them up, eager to own the latest desirable models with the most cutting-edge features. But with every upgrade, older models...


Billions worth of e-waste, no takers

Record levels of e-waste were produced globally in 2019, weighing the same as 350 mega cruise ships, a UN report shows. The surge in global e-waste is not only a major environmental risk but also...


5 things you need to know about e-waste

Never have we been in possession of as many electronic gadgets as now, in this brave new world or ours. But what happens to them when they stop working? All too often… not that much. ...