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Women Entrepreneur within the MSME Sector & Gujarat

Entrepreneurship is generally related to creation, recognition and utilization of opportunities. As an important societal change agent the entrepreneurs create vision for both men and women in accomplishing their significant deeds. The women in India...


VE idea Accelerator & Entrepreneurship & : NGO, Skill Development and CSR

The typical challenge of how to measure the ROI in terms of people employed for any initiative is quite difficult for any organisation but it is particularly precarious for the NGOs whose future viability depends...


Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Gender Biases

International Women’s Day is observed on March 8th throughout the world to recognize women’s vital contributions in shaping a more equal and sustainable world. It is a day to reflect upon acts of courage and...


Expanding to Asia holds big promise for German founders

An increasing number of German entrepreneurs are taking their startups to Asia. Christian Geissendoerfer, CEO of German Accelerator Southeast Asia, talks to DW about the dos and don’ts when striking out in the Far East....

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Entrepreneurship is an act of self realization

Over my career spanning 15+ years, I have started companies, sold successfully and also failed and shut down companies. I have also started over 25+ side projects that have largely failed. I can claim I...

Women Employment-MarketExpress

Abolish the retrograde CESS on women employment

Some truly monumental changes are taking places in the world of business, particularly entrepreneurship. Today, a quarter to a third of all new businesses in the formal economy worldwide are started by women entrepreneurs, according...