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ME Interview Series: West’s idea of globalization, developing countries, and their relevance?

ME Interview Series on Globalization, West &  Developing Countries with Hervé Azouloy, President of ATHES Finance and Participation  & Ezilarsan PKP, founder & Editor –| India’s First Global Insights & Sharing Platform Ezilarsan PKP: What...

Leader Manager Leadership-MarketExpress

Holacracy: A chassis for corporate governance

Holacracy originated as connections in the organization, to be precise between the holons, which means ‘whole’ in Greek, implying they are units of members, who can independently but are non-existent without the organization (Koestler, 1967)....

Modi and Gujarat

Gujarat can be considered to have performed well in the matter of Industrial Development. But it continues to be backward in the matter of social sector development. As the latest Economic Survey shows, Infant mortality...