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Does Health Insurance Cover Everything from an Accident, Surgery and Normal Hospitalization?

“Health is Wealth” is one of the famous phrases, which most of us have heard of. These days, people lose their health to earn wealth and then lose their wealth to regain the lost health....


Protect Your Daughter’s Wedding Fund with Health Insurance

Fathers share a special bond with their daughters, probably because they are always aware that their little princesses will eventually leave the nest to start their own families. For this reason, parents begin planning for...


Top-up health insurance for senior citizens

Life can be very unpredictable at times and can leave us physically, mentally and financially battered. There is a growing awareness of holding an insurance policy amongst people of all ages due to the sky-rocketing...

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Tax Planning: Tax Saving Plans you need to know

It’s that time of the year when you start planning on how to save on your taxes. You research for each and every option available to gain tax benefits; we’ve made  Following are some tax...