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Are Taylor Swift and Beyonce saving local economies?

For lovers of big music concerts, 2023 has been a renaissance year. After the pandemic put the squeeze on large events for the better part of three years, a host of megastars have embarked on...


BIA: Analysis of the inputs received to implement BIA

In any process, analysis is critical because you generate a lot of data and all data is not actionable. The analysis of the data is where the action and the mitigation take place. How do...


BIA Approach : Types of Impact, Recommendations & Conducting Interviews

Change Managers use different approaches to conduct a Business Impact Analysis. There can be several approaches to conduct a BIA. We have discussed an approach that we have carved out based on our change management...


EU-India trade agreement a win-win situation: study

Not much progress has been made so far on reaching a free trade agreement between India and the European Union. But such a deal would be mutually beneficial, German economic researchers show in a fresh...