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Globalization 4.0 — just another Davos buzzword?

Globalization needs a serious update; otherwise, we’re all doomed. So says the World Economic Forum — which brought us the earlier, defective versions. “Globalization 4.0” — you might be forgiven for rolling your eyes at...


Africa’s leaders race to China summit to talk cooperation

Exalted as a “mega-event,” the Africa-China summit is expected to draw nearly all of Africa’s leaders to Beijing. Barely a squeak of criticism has come out of China or Africa, even though there is plenty...

Iran The Persian Awakening (Photo: Courtesy of Fariborz Alagheband @

Iran: The Persian Awakening

A rare insight into Iran’s indigenous industrialization marvel The Herat industrial city has 300 factories and most of them have been set up with the help of Iranian technologies”, said Haji Saeed Khatibi – Head...