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Saudi Arabia Cut More than Commitment, Lifts Prices

Oil prices rallied yesterday following the EIA weekly data and are up further today. Despite the rise in US inventories (4.1 mln barrels) more than four times greater than expected, participants focused on other details....

Family Issues & GCC - MarketExpress

Family issues in the GCC

The GCC is just like another family. Mother Saudi Arabia has raised five kids: Oman (1951), Kuwait (1961) and triplets Bahrain, UAE and Qatar (1971), and things have run smoothly for the last 33 years....

Natural Gas & Cold War-MarketExpress

Natural Gas: Fuel for the next cold war

Ukraine is dependent on Russian gas – but not as much as it used to be. For years the US State Department has pushed the country toward energy independence. Congress aims to speed things up....