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Prasad kaipa Manager-MarketExpress-in

Transform yourself from being just a manager to a “Leader”

Prasad Kaipa, an Executive Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Educator  and author of the book From Smart to Wise, shares his  Insights on Managing & Leadership. Prasad focusses on innovation and leadership coaching since 1990, for about...

Leader Manager Leadership-MarketExpress

The dichotomy between the leader, the manager and leadership

Leadership to me is delinked from designation or level. Contrary to common and all pervasive beliefs I would even like to free the idea of leadership from the vagaries of personality, charisma, or the ability...

Managers: Boss Work Relationship-MarketExpress

Three Ways Managers Lose Credibility with Employees

The boss-worker relationship can be very delicate.  It’s a give and take that has mutual respect at its core.  Anyone who has ever been in a position of authority will tell you that it’s much...