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ECB Says Little and Does Less

To the surprise of no one, the ECB left it monetary policy and its forward guidance unchanged from its last meeting. Then it announced that its asset purchases would be halved starting in January to...


Opinion: Draghi’s feeble trend reversal

The EU’s central bank has decided to curb its monthly bond purchases by half. But DW’s Henrik Böhme deplores that an end to what he believes is a risky zero-interest policy is not yet in...


Is an interest rate change on the horizon?

For nine years, interest rates have fallen and the European Central Bank has fired up the economy with a flood of money. It is becoming increasingly clear that this cannot last forever. “With a sense...


Eurozone growth and inflation confirm economic recovery

Fresh eurozone economic data show that inflation has risen to just below the ECB’s key target, growth is accelerating and unemployment has hit a seven-year low, suggesting the bloc’s economy is finally on the mend....

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Stability and Prosperity in Monetary Union

There is a common misconception that the euro area is a monetary union without a political union. But this reflects a deep misunderstanding of what monetary union means. Monetary union is possible only because of...