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Journalists demand change in Google, Meta’s media policies

Independent media websites blocked by the authorities in Russia and Belarus say they are disadvantaged by the Google search engine. Journalists are calling for a new algorithm. Google, Meta and other tech giants are making it more...


Instagram trials face scans to verify age of users

The Meta-owned social media platform is testing new tools to verify ages of US users. The tech was developed by Yoti, an AI digital identity company. Instagram will test new options for users to verify...


Peter Thiel: Early Facebook investor to leave Meta board

An increasingly polarizing figure in the company, Silicon Valley billionaire and Trump advisor Peter Thiel is set to step down from the board of directors of Facebook’s parent company Meta. Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel...


Retailers play in the metaverse as Meta shares plummet

Retailers are already spending — and making — money in the metaverse. But can a virtual shopping experience ever be as fun? The numbers were all too real for a company betting on the power...


Remote First: Meta expands across Europe

Facebook parent Meta says remote positions will help it win talent across Europe as it builds its metaverse. It could also put pressure on other companies fighting for valuable tech workers. Facebook parent company Meta is leaning...