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What will the internet of the future look like?

Companies worldwide are working on the next generation of the internet. The “metaverse” or “web3” could overhaul the web as we know it. But how do you avoid repeating the mistakes of today’s internet? Are...


Demystifying challenges of Metaverse in Marketing

With Facebook’s rebranding to meta, metaverse has attracted a wide range of organisations and academics worldwide. While multiple immerging virtual worlds connect with one other, the internet will play a vital part in the metaverse’s...


Retailers play in the metaverse as Meta shares plummet

Retailers are already spending — and making — money in the metaverse. But can a virtual shopping experience ever be as fun? The numbers were all too real for a company betting on the power...


Remote First: Meta expands across Europe

Facebook parent Meta says remote positions will help it win talent across Europe as it builds its metaverse. It could also put pressure on other companies fighting for valuable tech workers. Facebook parent company Meta is leaning...


NFT: Why are some nonfungible tokens so expensive?

Most are worthless, but some sell for millions: Experts explain to DW what they know about the mysterious price of nonfungible tokens, and why this cryptoasset may have rough days ahead. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) burst...