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US reimposes sanctions on Iran: What does that mean?

The Trump administration is reimposing the first tranche of sanctions on Iran, isolating Washington as much as Tehran. A second round of US sanctions in November will target Iran’s energy sector. The first round of...


European allies struggle to curb impact of US sanctions

The EU has drafted business safeguards to salvage the Iran nuclear deal, including prohibiting firms from complying with US sanctions and sending money to Iran’s central bank. Experts doubt such efforts will be enough. The...


India and Japan sign nuclear deal – A risky business?

The leaders of the two countries have signed a civilian nuclear cooperation, allowing exports of crucial Japanese technology to fuel India’s growing economy. But concerns remain about India’s non-proliferation status. The Indo-Japanese nuclear deal has...

Iran nuclear deal winners losers -MarketExpress

Winners & Losers of Iran nuclear deal

A nuclear deal has been struck just months after Iran elected President Hassan Rowhani, seen as a relative moderate, replaced the hard-line Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. After four days of negotiations in Geneva, representatives of the P5+1...