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Daimler to build self-driving cars for Uber

German premium carmaker Daimler has announced a partnership with Uber to supply self-driving cars for the US ride-hailing company as the pair seeks to become leading players in the world of autonomous driving. In a...


Apple reportedly in talks to acquire McLaren

The US tech giant is said to be considering a tie-up with the luxury carmaker as part of an effort to invest some of its huge cash reserves in the auto industry. But McLaren has...


World’s first self-driving cabs take to Singapore streets

The Asian city-state has taken the lead in becoming the location of the world’s first public experiment with self-driving taxis. The outcome of the trial is likely to revolutionize the global automotive industry. The world’s...


Living in The Glass Cage: why our drive to automation needs an urgent re-thin

Self-driving cars, robotics and automation may sound utopian to you. But author Nicholas Carr says we’re in danger of ceding too much responsibility, including complex moral choices, to machines. DW: The thing that stands out...


Self-driving cars may end gasoline era

By 2025, self-driving cars could lead to a steep decline in fossil fuels – and in personal car ownership. Smart electric vehicles will pick you up, drop you off, and mostly look after themselves. A...