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Minimalism: A conundrum!

In the process of finalizing the interior décor of our house, my quest led me to “Asian Paints: Har Ghar Kuch Kehta hain” which showcases the houses of celebs. One such celeb’s house that caught...


Sharing Economy: Should Uber and other non-traditional industries like Airbnb be encouraged by governments?

In the late 2000’s, nobody would have a clear idea of the non-traditional industries like Uber and Airbnb. Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba, Netflix are the top and most common services people use today. All run on...


Are we seeing the end of the You economy?

New York has tightened its regulation of ride-hailing services such as Uber and other competitors. What will that mean for the so-called You economy? DW correspondent Anne Schwedt is looking for answers. It’s a few...