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World Bank: China’s woes threaten East Asian economies

China’s economic malaise is weighing heavily on East Asia as a whole, one of the world’s key economic engines. But reforms in one sector could work wonders, the World Bank says. East Asia has been...


Global South and the de-Westernization of the World

The concept of the “Global South” has been all the rage in recent months, along with that of the “de-Westernization of the world”. Is it the same phenomenon and what realities do these two expressions...


RCEP: Asia readies world’s largest trade deal

A decade in the making, the RCEP pact takes effect January 1, easing trade among Southeast Asian and Asia-Pacific nations. Economic giants China, Japan and South Korea are set to benefit the most. Trade barriers...


Expanding to Asia holds big promise for German founders

An increasing number of German entrepreneurs are taking their startups to Asia. Christian Geissendoerfer, CEO of German Accelerator Southeast Asia, talks to DW about the dos and don’ts when striking out in the Far East....