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China breaks promise of cuts to steel capacities

A study commissioned by Greenpeace has found out that China massively expanded its steelmaking capacities last year, despite pledging to cut output amid a steel glut that has led to a global crisis in the...


Gorilla or Elephant, Chinese Surplus Capacity is the Challenge

Americans have a saying about an 800-pound gorilla in a room. It refers to a person or organization so powerful that it can act unilaterally. The British have an expression about an elephant in a...

Cevian buys ThyssenKrupp stake, fuels spin-off speculation

Activist investor Cevian has raised its stake in struggling ThyssenKrupp, claiming the German steelmaker is undervalued. However, it’s unclear if the Anglo-Swedish firm will not eventually seek to split up ThyssenKrupp. Cevian has raised its...