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Indian students studying abroad, India & Recession

Experts are constantly warning that countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom may face a recession amid the global recession. Meanwhile, the Indian rupee continued to depreciate due to the slowdown in...


Resilience in Education

The greatest impact of Covid-19 and the lockdowns were on the kids and teenagers. Being a faculty myself, I have witnessed the changes in my students, where even the most active students of the offline...


Maths phobia and kids

“I am going to bed Mumma,” said Adhira and fell over her bed with a big thud. She is a girl who has just stepped into her teenage years. We know how hard the teenage...


Leaving the US for a German degree

Edgar Martinez knew that he wanted to study in Germany ever since he was in high school. The German language has inspired the 20-year-old American so much that he left Chicago, his home town, to...