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Why breaking globalization is easier said than done

Globalized supply chains have accelerated growth over the past decades but are proving fragile in the current pandemic. As companies assess the new risks emerging from globalization, safe supply is moving center stage. Compressed air...


High Tech Manufacturing: Right time to unleash Make in India, to take on China

Indian high tech manufacturing may be the big winner as rich countries around the world are rethinking globalization and their heavy reliance on China as the coronavirus pandemic slows down. It has been a bad...


Coronavirus side effects: Is China Soft Power waning?

The head of the European Chamber of Commerce in China says the Asian country has lost some of its influence in the world. But he doesn’t expect a fundamental rethinking of economic ties in the...


China as world’s factory not going anywhere, post coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the overreliance of companies and governments on China for just about everything, from cars to medicines. But they will not be packing up and leaving China anytime soon. The COVID-19...