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Love for textiles still sewn into Saxony’s fabric

Saxony experienced a sharp decline in its centuries-old textile industry in the years following German reunification in 1990. Yet the sector is anything but dead in this Eastern German state as Hardy Graupner reports. As...


India & Bangladesh:Trade, Synergies & China

Interview on Trade Relationship between Bangladesh & India with Pratim Ranjan Bose, Chief of Bureau of The Hindu Business Line, Kolkata. Ezilarsan PKP: How Bangladesh and India can combine their synergies in the textile so we...

Budget 2013-14: from Dilemma to Equilibrium

Budgets are a complex Prisoner’s Dilemma[1] problem where hidden expectation of the government and the citizen decide whether or not the outcome would be a good equilibrium where everyone gains or a bad equilibrium where...