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Rupa Announces a Scintillating Book Series

, April 4, 2012, 0 Comments

Rupa Publications is delighted to announce the launch of Horn OK Please: Hopping to Conclusions, the first title in author Kartik Iyengar’s five-book series. Horn Ok Please: Hopping to Conclusions, has enthralled readers with its dollops of irreverent humor, and quirky narrative style, replete with vignettes of his cross-country adventures with friends.

Kartik Iyengar, besides being a successful corporate professional, is also an avid blogger, a self-proclaimed moron, an unlucky Las Vegas loser, a compulsive road hog, and an adrenaline junkie who has tried everything from scuba diving to bungee jumping. A heavy metal maniac, he has thousands of hyperactive “hopper” fans on Facebook

The bestseller is scheduled to be followed by four more titles in the Horn OK Please series namely Horn OK Please -The Scrotum Scrolls, Horn OK Please – Pobody’s Nerfect, Horn OK Please- 69 Palms, Horn OK Please -Supernova. Alongside Rupa Publications’ marketing and distribution muscle, the sales for this book, and the rest in the series, will also be driven by social-media and online sales.