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Green signal for four RIL D-6 satellite field development

, January 3, 2012, 0 Comments

New Delhi, January 03, 2012 : Management committee of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) [stockquote]Reliance[/stockquote] operated D-6 block has approved the development plan of four satellite fields. The investment plan for Four fields is worth about $1.53 billion. Currently, Reliance is producing close to 40 mmscmd of gas: 31 mmscmd from D-1 and D-3 fields and 7 mmscmd from MA fields. So far, five gas fields have been discovered in D-6 block. Estimates show that these satellite fields have gas reserves of around 10 mmscmd. Management committee comprises representatives of the Petroleum Ministry, the Directorate-General of Hydrocarbons and the contractor.

According to estimates, In case all the satellite fields are developed, then, 30 mmscmd of gas can be produced. Together with the producing fields (D-1 and D-3), the output from the block will be about 65 mmscmd. If the contractor is able to make up for lost time, it could still manage to increase output by 2014. (Contractor has lost two months of the November-March work season, which would mean output from the block could be increased only slightly after 2014)

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