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Binged on Bing

, January 9, 2013, 0 Comments


It’s a search war yet again with Google and Bing (Microsoft’s new search engine). You might wonder what is different this time around. For those of you who haven’t experienced the new Microsoft search engine, Bing proclaims itself as a search engine that provides results people can trust and helps them make simple everyday decisions. While many of the features are still a work-in-progress, India may soon experience some of the coolest features such as price predictions, categorized search, best match results, direct answers and many more.Bing recently launched an ad-campaign here in the US that spelled war against Google’s search engine. Participants were asked to search any term and compare results between Google and Bing. The ad invariably shows a much more efficient search engine in Bing and even provides a link to anyone who wants to take up the Bing vs Google challenge at Another ad-campaign digs at Google Shopper and advises people not to get “Scroogled” – Microsoft’s newly coined word that defines it as a google practice to sell shopping search results to the highest bidders.

Digs aside, Bing has introduced some noteworthy features that makes search even better. One of the best features I experienced is their price prediction. Hit a simple search such as “sfo to las vegas” and Bing returns:

Most of us have migrated to Google and cannot imagine a world of search without Google. However, a feature such as price prediction can make a world of difference as it helps users save ample time in making key decisions. Other exciting new features are their video preview and playable search results. Users can now hover over a video using the cursor and preview the video without going to the site to confirm this is what they want to watch. Bing also provides the option of playing music you search directly on the search screen.

Recently, Bing integrated Quora, a popular question-and-answer website, to provide results along with social results on the sidebar. It not only gives you Quora-based results, it also provides you with Yelp ratings and reviews of restaurants along with a map of the area you search dotted with restaurants  in the area.

India is the 3rd largest in terms of number of internet users and with online retail booming, features such as price predictions, unscroogled shopping results, social connectivity, video and music previews plays a critical role in Microsoft’s comeback through Bing. Pretty soon, we can expect Bing to make waves in India. Do you want to get Binged or Scroogled?

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