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Find the Investor in you, named Sachin Tendulkar

, November 30, 2013, 2 Comments

Investor & Sachin Tendulkar - MarketExpress“The most important person in my life, and I have missed him a lot since 1999 when he passed away, my father. Without his guidance, I don’t think I would have been standing here in front of you. He gave me freedom at the age of 11, and told me that [I should] chase my dreams, but make sure you do not find shortcuts. The path might be difficult but don’t give up, and I have simply followed his instructions.”

These are the famous words that formed part of the immortal speech that “The Lord of Cricket” Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar gave at the end of its superlative career. The speech like his career which lasted for nearly 2.5 decades, had been an inspiration for the whole generation.

After watching Sachin churn out such magnificent and consistent performances for over his career span does bring to mind what is that he possess that other cricketers, who started their careers even after him and ended before his, dint have in them ? Is he a prodigy or extremely talented to reach to the epitome of cricketing world.

Whatever it may be Sachin’s illustrious has left lessons for everyone especially for investors. Every career stat, record or trait of Sachin gives an opportunity for investor’s to learn and form strategy in building their investment plans. Although you may come across many, here I give you the 4 best advice that you can decipher from the batting maestro bright career.

This is a key mantra which has helped Sachin to earn its glory, respect and well as rewards for his hard work. It would be zero in its first game against Pakistan or his 100th hundred against Bangladesh, be it the match fixing scandal of 1999 or the monkey gate issue in 2008, Sachin has shown unparalleled discipline to the game.

The application of the same discipline in investing teaches investors to remain calm during up and down of their portfolio. It also gives out the lesson to stay invested in your strategies in a disciplined manner this you reach your goal.

Stay Hungry always
One thing which the world admired in Sachin and which truly made him “The God” was that Sachin was always hungry for more. He has been a live wire in the field and was always ready to take on the opposition.

In the same manner the investor who is ready to stay hungry in his learning and in earning can fetch good returns. An investor should always be hungry in knowing what out there in market and carefully choose the investment option. It is always noticed that people who do not have the hunger in learning end up on the losing side.

Make Mistake: Don’t Panic, Correct it
This reminds famous incident of Brad Hogg taking the wicket of Sachin and Sachin later signing the ball with the word “It will never happen again.” Till date Brad Hogg has not been able to (or to say will never be able) to take Sachin’s wicket.

This incident gives investors one of the most important lessons in the art of investing: do not fear situations learn. Investor may lose money in a trade or two and may be bogged down. But its important to go back to the drawing board and understanding why he /she lost the money and avoid the same mistake in the next trade.

Know what to Avoid
We have watched Sachin all our life and across all formats be it the tradition test or the modern day T20’s, one would hardly have a memory of Sachin getting out or even playing a rough or a rash short across the era’s of the Afridis and the Sehwags. This is because Sachin had an eye for what to go for and what to avoid based on this sheer knowledge and experience.

If an investor applies this principle the chances of losing money or not gaining a handsome return in any investment seems to be taken care of.

Sachin Tendulkar’s career was an inspiration to most of us and if we pick of the right traits from his career he provides us a great learning. To put it best I would quote Chales Ellis the famous author

Stay invested through the rough timesThat’s the only sane way to be there so you will enjoy the great and good times”.

  • shilpa vohra

    The author has drawn wonderful lessons from Sachin’s life snd linked it u investment decisions

    • Nilesh

      Thank you for your insight