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KLM Mobile App: Taking control of your trip

, December 18, 2013, 0 Comments

KLM Mobile App- MarketExpressOne always dreams of planning a vacation or business trip  to go as smoothly as possible with few hiccups and getting everything organized to perfection. But it always turns out to be a different story every time when the plan fails. In the advent of Mobile revolution and power of Apps, organizing many details for the trips has been made an easy task. One such App is the KLM Mobile App, KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines, gives you total control  in managing your flight bookings via mobile.

Look and the feel factor
It offers a distinct, uncluttered interface with four main menus, that user would quite frequently use. UI is simple and designed with the sole purpose to aid the customers in managing their bookings and navigating the App easily. It also has a pretty comprehensive FAQ section where one can search by theme that includes Travel Planning, Booking, Departure, Arrival and many other categories.


KLM Mobile App : Booking & Timetable-MarketExpress
Booking a flight can be done in 5 simple steps – search, select, verify, ‘add-in’ and book. Search results gives you the best option and also standard set of options. Pick and choose one and verify the details from detailed breakups given, once you are sure, add-in details, go ahead  and book your seat.

After booking it, you can use Manage my Booking options to modify /alter the flight plan as per your needs and also one can find correct flight timetable and status that is on real time basis pertaining to your bookings.

Booking & Managing has been made easy through this productivity App. So if you are travelling via Royal Dutch Airline, be sure to have KLM Mobile App which would come handy in organizing your trip and managing it.

In process of communicating with customers and to understand their views and thoughts on KLM mobile and online services, KLM  has recently launched a crowdsourcing challenge in Asia. Contestants are encouraged to make videos by themselves, explaining their  experiences with KLM,  you can take full control of your trip with your mobile.


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