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Nest Thermostat: A warm addition to your Nest

, December 13, 2013, 0 Comments

Nest Thermostat -MarketExpress
A few months into the “setting up” process of my first home, I was searching for ways to transform the uninteresting gadgets/devices in the home to blend with the rest of the home’s decor. I was certain to include even the littlest details such as socket covers which most people overlook when doing their decors. In the search to find socket covers, I bumped in on an interesting site that spoke about a trendy looking gadget to replace your traditional thermostat. Finally, I had discovered a company that was thinking along my lines.

The Nest Thermostat is a special thermostat that has learning capabilities. Unlike traditional thermostats, this futuristic looking thermostat can learn your schedules and programs itself.

What’s even better? The Nest can be controlled from any device that can connect to the Internet and from any part of the world.

The Design
The Founder and CEO of Nest is Tony Fadell, the man behind the team for the first 18 generations of the iPod and the first 3 generations of the iPhone. To remind you further, these were the first devices that inspired a slew of great looking devices we have today. When we first saw the iPod, there was nothing like it before and now Tony does the same with the Nest. There is nothing like Nest in the market today.

It’s a sleek round gadget with a stainless steel bezel and a glossy front. There are already two generations of the Nest. The second gen Nest is about 20% slimmer than the first generation Nest. There is a small screen in the center that lets you interact with the device.

Nest Thermostat 1st and 2nd Generation -MarketExpress

The Setup
Setting up the Nest is very simple except in countries with a different voltage. It can still be easily set up by your electrician. You can skip entering your address details when setting up the Nest as this device can only sense weather in the USA. The Nest website has a video with easy-to-understand instructions on checking compatibility and how to install the device by yourself. Setting up the device from the point of unscrewing the old thermostat to installing the Nest took me all of 10 mins single-handedly.

The Features
The Nest turns blue when cooling and orange when heating. It can also assess and display how long it would take to reach a particular temperature. There is an Away mode that you can use when you’re not in your home. A small green leaf appears on the screen every time you conserve energy. The Nest can also calculate humidity levels within your home which is great for maintaining overall air quality within a home.

The Verdict
The Nest is a great luxury upgrade for people who already have a thermostat installed in their homes. It is smart and extremely useful especially on those days when you leave the house wondering if you turned off the air conditioner. The Nest is truly a fantastic addition to any home that is looking for a futuristic and smart upgrade. It is pricey when compared to the manually operated thermostats in the market today at $249. Is it worth paying this much for a thermostat? It is definitely worth it since it helps save on costs and far more efficient than the other thermostats in the long run.