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Technology – slave of our own tool?

, January 17, 2014, 0 Comments

Technology Tool- MarketExpressThe great American author, poet philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said

“Men have become the tools of their tools”

Once said quotes seems getting true gradually. It is needless to say that the world has developed rapidly in the past 2 decades. Globalization has been on fast track world across due to interchanging of world views, products, ideas etc. Advancement in several fields like transportation, telecommunication, infrastructure, technology, including the rise of internet has been major factors which led to globalization.

Internet has undoubtedly made the world a short place to live in. History of internet can be dated back to 1970s, however the actual pace of growth begun in early 90s when the internet made a tremendous impact on culture and commerce. The rise of near instant communication technology like email, instant messaging, VoIP, etc. resulted in a faster growth for internet.

The growth of internet took up a faster pace after the launch of smartphone in 1997. Though the handheld device having advanced computing facility was not a new technology then but the term smartphone was coined only in 1997 when Ericsson described its PDAs as Smartphone. The terminology now has been a common word especially for the youth. Majority of the mobile phone manufacturers have moved to the manufacturing of touch screen phones which are supplied with free Android OS (developed by Google). Android has captured the mobile phone market with over half of the market share (evident from the fact that phone manufacturers like Blackberry is running into heavy losses whereas the Korean giant Samsung which moved from home appliances company to electronics company has been growing exponentially).

Amidst the growth of internet, smartphone and Android, one interesting development that will catch your eye is the development of wrist band which will be a medium to control your Android powered smartphone. Sounds crazy isn’t? Well, it’s the Halo band which will change the way of operating smartphone. Halo band is silicon made wrist band which is embedded with a NFC chip and let you operate your choice of functions on your Android Smartphone. Amazing isn’t it? The risk of slippage of phone from hands or difficulty of navigating tiny soft keys/typing/locking/unlocking etc. will get minimized. Also the band will be linked to a cloud account which will allow you save your login credentials along with the information to share with other mobile devices.

The halo band app needs to be set up in the wrist watch post which you can use it to unlock your phone, take photos, and send emergency alerts among many.

The rise of mobile has given use so much that we are connected round the clock through the year. Having said enough about the next gen project, it is important to highlight here that the world is actually developing rapidly. The time is not far when we will be able to customize the future making the deadly thrilling movie stories on “future is our” come true.

About NFC:
NFC is nothing but Near Field Communication which is a set of standards for smartphone and similar devices. It helps in establishing a radio communication between the devices by touch them together or bringing to close proximity (not more than few inches).