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No More Late Payments with These 3 Essential Bill Payments Modes

, August 12, 2014, 0 Comments

Late Bill Payment Kotak Mahindra BankYou have past your due date for paying your bill. It can get irritating to hear these lines when you are already paying over your budget, in these inflationary times. Not only have the costs of utility bills increased but to have to pay the bills with the added penalty charges for late payment can be a real downside. So, what’s the solution – ask your bank.

Late payments are hardly reason to pay anything from 2% – 20% extra due to the fact that you have passed the due date. Enter the facilities provided by your bank. Simply ask your bank whether you can pay for your bills via online payments and see the difference in your budget.

Say What- No More Late Payments

Online payment gateways are offered by virtually all banks, but not all banks give the facility to pay all dues. Some banks offer payments for only utility bills, whereas banks like Kotak bank offer the ability to facilitate almost all types of bills. Let’s a take a look at the variety of categories that follow bill payment.

Yep, the list goes on….

Practically, all important bills can be paid online, once they are linked to your bank account. Check the list of billing facilities and what they include:

Utility Bills: Remember the days, when you literally had to take a holiday to stand in the queue for bill payment. If you are still doing that then, it’s time you shifted to e-payments. This way, you can use a holiday to put your feet up. Pay all electricity, mobile and other important utility bills through authorized payment gateways associated with the bank.

Emergency Bills: You’ve just remembered that your due date for your credit card is due in a day or two. Nothing to worry, go online, select your bank’s online payment gateway which is password protected. Enter the password provided and click away your worries. Try this once a month, and you will be a happier person. Realistically speaking, most banks offer Visa Transfer payment facilities to add to the convenience of credit card holders.

Other important transfers: Philanthropy is always on our mind when we see the ads popping up for donations to important organizations like PETA, CRY and other such NGOs. Apart from donations, it’s equally important to have insurance at your fingertips, just a click away. Imagine securing your life as well as ensuring your money going for the right purposes, all just a click away!

Save up money with early payments that go before the due date. Don’t hesitate to make the most of the facilities offered by your bank and choose easy payment options.

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