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The new way to do emails – Inbox by Gmail

, November 7, 2014, 0 Comments

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If you haven’t heard already, Google has come up with a fresh take on how we should look at email. Through Inbox by Google, they hope to make your mails more organized in the form of “bundles” in this world of never-ending emails.

It is definitely time to get a facelift to our gmail inboxes. What with 1000s of emails that go unread and articles such as these manage email today to help manage your email better, it seems like Google did the right thing in creating an inbox that will hopefully be the final solution to overflowing inboxes.

What is Inbox by Google?

Inbox by Google is just a new interface that creates bundles for your emails and helps you highlight what’s most important to you. To be able to use Google Inbox, all you need is an invite and an existing Gmail address. Presently there is a regular desktop version and apps for both iOS and Android. An iPad version isn’t available at the moment.

How does it work?

The best way to describe how Inbox by Google looks on first sight is more like a Google Plus newsfeed. Everything is clearly labeled under various bundles names such as social, finance, promos, updates etc. Instead of a stationary menu on the left, the menu is now more of a drop down menu on the left that you use when you want giving your inbox more room on the screen.

Done It is simple check mark to let Google know you are done. As you hit the check mark, the mail is automatically moved from the inbox page to the done page. You can access “done” emails from the drop down menu at a later time.

Pins It is a simple push pin symbol that you can choose to let Google know what’s important to you. There is a toggle switch for pins right next to the search bar that will pull up all pinned emails making it easier for you to access them. While pinning, you may also create reminders.

Reminders Reminders/To-do tasks can be created in your mails and every mail that has a reminder gets the most priority in your inbox. They are shown at the very beginning of your inbox.

Snooze Wonder why you will ever need a snooze button? Here’s where Google gives you something you didn’t know you needed. If you are in the habit of forgetting things or responding to emails, you can either set yourself a reminder or simply hit the snooze button for a later date/time when you know you will do something about it. For example, you can push the email requesting an RSVP for a party to a later date when you know for sure you are going to that party. If you are using the smartphone app, it gets even better. You simply pick the exact place where you want the email to pop up.

Bundles It is very similar to tabs that were brought in the earlier version of Gmail. The only difference is the new Inbox has a sweep feature which lets you sweep conversations from a person or company into a bundle at that moment or on all future conversations.

Highlights It’s as simple as Google figuring out what is important to you. For example, product shipping information or flight tracking information appears as a small snippet like “Belkin switch Expected delivery Nov 5 / View Order”.

How do you get an invite?

Simply go to and sign up with your existing email address. They will send out an invite when available. Or the faster route would be to ask friends and family who already have access to the new Inbox to give out invites.