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Is Land Bill headed for a dead end?

, March 21, 2015, 0 Comments

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In light of growing pressure on Narendra Modi led NDA government who faces stiff resistance from within and opposition, Cabinet is likely to take a final call on the matter before the ordinance lapses on April 5, 2015.

Despite being successfully pushing reform agenda by passing Insurance and Mine Bills in Rajya Sabha, Modi led NDA government is headed for a possible dead end on Land Bill. United opposition has ensured that government fails to garner require number of seats in Rajya Sabha in order to pass the bill. Backdoor channels are still working to ensure breakthrough before the ordinance lapses on April 5th 2015.

Though, Many in political circles do not see this as dead end, instead, the move to allow the Bill to lapse will be a temporary retreat to ensure all stakeholders (especially congress and NDA allies) are on board before it is introduced for discussion in the Rajya Sabha once Parliament recommence on April 20 (after a recess). Due to upcoming Bihar election government also has to ensure that, BJP being projected as party which is not a ‘Anti Farmer’ and being a ‘Pro- development’ political outfit.

A silver lining for BJP can be drawn from the development which took place during passage of Mines and Minerals / Coal Bill. Due to selective support of non-Congress and non-Left parties, government succeeded in passing the said bills in Rajya sabha.

Land bill was passed on March 11 in Lok Sabha, where the government has a comfortable majority, But it faces the Rajya Sabha hurdle where the government is in a minority. Though government has maintained that all concerns are being taken care of and necessary changes are incorporated so as to ensure smooth passage of bill.

Land bill is a landmark bill not only as it will kick start economic activities at ground (which has multiplier effects), but also as a symbol of seriousness of BJP led government who has won the election after projected Modi as a reformer who will deliver no matter how odd the situation being.

Let us wait for some time to see whether it is a temporary blip or dead end for Land Bill?