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Cancer Care Insurance – Need and Overview

, June 8, 2015, 0 Comments

cancer care insurance need overview-MarketExpress-inThe life of a common man isn’t easy; he has to deal with multiple nuisances to cope with his struggle for survival. This inadvertently affects his health and in the long run causes stress and depression. A man in distress nearly doubles his chances of being susceptible to diseases and illness. In today’s competitive world where everyone is fighting for wealth and luxury, people often neglect the importance of health and ultimately fall critically ill, and in the worst cases succumb to diseases. Another major aspect contributing to ill health is pollution, as this problem keeps on increasing, sufferings of the environment and humans increase.

Medical expenditure is another concern and the only way to tackle this, is by purchasing a health insurance plan. A health insurance policy takes care of all your medical bills for a minimum monthly or yearly premium.

Cancer Care Insurance

One of the biggest killer diseases is cancer terminating nearly 7 million lives every year. Advances in medical science have not yet had a massive impact in curing this disease, instead a recent survey highlighted that cancer cases are going to soar by 70% in the next 20 years. Low income and developing countries will be the most affected due to lack of proper medical facilities and screening processes.

The increase in this number is mostly because of changing lifestyles, more consumption of alcohol, tobacco and processed foods, also the lack of physical activity and more stress at work. Among men, lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed with 16.7% cases and also the biggest killer with 23.6% of deaths. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed among women with 25.2% cases and 14.7% deaths. Stomach, prostate and bowel cancer are other commonly diagnosed forms of cancer.

Battling cancer is not easy as there are loads of tests and therapies, which incurs a lot of expenses. Again, the only thing that helps you in this situation is a health insurance plan; specially designed cancer care insurance takes care of everything required in the treatment of this dreaded disease. No one wants to get cancer, but the risk of getting it is very high, it’s better to be prepared as the cost of cancer treatment in India can vary from Rs 3-25 lakhs. You’ve have to be financially ready if unfortunately this dreaded disease strikes, otherwise the expense will be a big burden on you and your family. So, cover yourself with Cancer Care insurance today and keep yourself prepared against the country’s most rapidly growing illness.

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