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Innovation, Disruption and transformation in financial markets

, April 18, 2017, 0 Comments

innovation-disruption-transformation-financial-markets-marketexpress-inThe disruptive era is upon us, and the finance sector is no exception to this. The financial landscape is undergoing a phenomenal paradigm shift. We are living in an era where finance, technology and innovation are converging.

New standards are created in investment management, payment solutions, and resource mobilisation through social media. Emerging out of all these are changes in the banking space, alternative modes of financing and payment interfaces.

Innovations are shaping the new financial ecosystem wherein banking, capital markets and financial services sector are undergoing a change which makes the outcome or the middle game difficult to visualize.

Against this tailwind, the macroeconomic and regulatory backdrop is also changing. Along with these disruptive changes, liquidity infusion by the Central banks, the issue of stressed assets; has not made the role of private sector investment as important and significant to the extent desired. Hence alternative avenues of financing are proposed, experimented and being explored.

Lower growth rates are the new normal, which makes the job of policy makers and regulators a thankless job; as it also puts pressure on them to innovate and to keep up with the new reality. Here where the collaboration with researchers, professional and academicians plays a significant role in leveraging the changing paradigm and boosting the investment, at the same time ensuring stability and regulating the new ecosystem. Also, the financial inclusion program is not just a government mandate, but a business imperative.

The rapid mobility of capital across countries and markets, the changes in the economic landscape of countries, policies, and markets; make the situation more pressing and it is vital that studies are undertaken, discussion and research on these issues are carried out on an ongoing basis.

In keeping with its tradition of academic excellence and dedication to be the education change agent, IBS Mumbai organised an International Conference on Finance and Economics on April 7th and 8th, 2017 on the theme, “Innovation, Disruption and Transformation in Financial Markets” under the leadership and guidance of Prof. Y. K. Bhushan, Senior Advisor and Campus Head, IBS Mumbai.

The conference explored, debated and discussed the fast-paced changes in the financial sector through research, presentations and views of industry experts on the current milieu of innovation, disruption and transformation.

The conference had the proud privilege of the presence of eminent personalities from the world of finance and economics. Prof. Lakshman Watawala, President ICPM, Sri Lanka and President, AMDISA graciously inaugurated the conference as the Chief Guest and Dr.J.D. Agarwal, Director, Indian Institute of Finance, New Delhi and Mr.Dharmakirti Joshi, Chief Economist, CRISIL delivered the Key Note address. Prof. Y.K.Bhushan gave the welcome address at the inaugural session.

Prof. Y.K. Bhushan chaired a panel discussion based on the conference theme along with other industry experts. Dr. J. N. Misra, CEO, Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) delivered the valedictory address and graced the awards ceremony.

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