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ChatGPT in Higher Education and Marketing

This article aims to explain the role of ChatGPT in Higher Education and Marketing.

The educational sector is highly competitive and is subjected to new trends in all aspects that involve teaching and learning. However, on the other hand, customers have become independent and more knowledgeable as information to them is available in different formats through different resources. Thus, this becomes a cakewalk for the marketers to sensitize the customers with all product and service information. Both these sectors have been over-influenced by Technology, especially ChatGPT.

Education is a powerful tool to conquer the world, says many philosophers. Once upon a time, to be a professor, teacher, or a learned personality one had to sacrifice time, energy, and money to shape oneself as an educator. In addition, all the educators followed ethical principles in life. However, the recent modern higher education has changed. Acquiring degrees and getting qualified is not a big task which is taxing and time-consuming. It has become easier and more accessible. There are various digital tools and technologies to help a person get self-educated. In addition, there are online platforms which promote online education. Thus, we must realize that the role of technology has slowly crept into higher education and is now eating up teachers’ primary job “Teaching”.

A lot of tasks that teachers do in a specific, traditional, and focused manner are now being swept away from the normal course of action. Maybe teachers have become digitally empowered or technology has become a part and parcel of a teacher’s life. These days teachers do not find ample time to prepare for lecture classes and work on research projects as they spend ample time in documentation and conducting activities for students, for the upliftment of the institution. Thus, a few academic tasks are not being relaxed with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Marketing is a constant effort taken by the marketers to provide maximum satisfaction to the consumers. In addition, the services provided by the marketers will make the consumers happy and will enhance the brand image. Services are sometimes standalone and sometimes they come along with the product. For example, providing the customers with generic information about the product is also considered to be a service (Additional values given to the customers) before they engage in purchase action. This will help the marketers win the hearts of the customers, enhance brand visibility, reach global markets, and be a successful brand. However, in recent times, the role of Artificial Intelligence has empowered marketing.

Instead of customers going in search of reviews and suggestions about the product, Information Technology has made it easy for customers to have free access to get A to Z data about a product or a service before they are involved in purchase decisions. Thus, few additions which the customers need to put themselves into purchase action, which is now given by ChatGPT.

Chat GPT in the educational sector:

A Snapshot on using ChatGPT to frame questions incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy Model

Today’s educational sector has become more complex with new policies and amendments to boost the quality in teaching and learning. In this regard, there is the pressure felt by every teacher who works in different educational institutions. For example, question paper setting is one of the most important tasks that must be done with quality and perfection. A question paper is not just a document that is used as a tool to check students’ abilities but an official document that reflects the teacher’s fiber in teaching, evaluation, and professionalism. Most educational institutions follow Bloom’s taxonomy model which stresses six levels such as (Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, and create to set the question papers. Various action verbs are accordingly placed, and questions are usually developed. Bloom’s Taxonomy model is always considered a base tool to frame questions for the question paper because not all students have the same learning capacity and capabilities.

Some students are bright and very smart when they grasp the class lectures, they engage in self-study and equip themselves with knowledge and skills. On the other hand, some slow learners take a little more time to understand the concepts. Thus, to have a balanced question paper usually faculty members follow Bloom’s Taxonomy model which helps them to frame questions on different levels. This will help in balancing between easy, average, and complex questions. This task is quite difficult and time-consuming. After the advent of ChatGPT, incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy has become easy. The question papers are more meaningful incorporating different action verbs. For example, if a teacher is teaching a subject on “Sustainability and Development” the questions framed for the test/exam must be related to the subject. In addition, all questions should be spread between all the six different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

To make this task simpler, ChatGPT is being used. For example, a question on the Impact of Sustainable Development Goals on economic growth” When being exposed to ChatGPT what would be the various results:

Remember: Can you list the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to economic growth?
Understanding: How would you explain the concept of sustainable development and its connection to economic growth?
Applying: Can you analyze a specific country’s economic growth about its progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals?
Analyzing: What are the key factors that influence the impact of Sustainable Development Goals on economic growth? Provide examples to support your answer.
Evaluating: Assess the effectiveness of the Sustainable Development Goals in promoting economic growth. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the SDGs in this context.
Creating: Develop a comprehensive plan to maximize the economic growth potential while ensuring the achievement of multiple Sustainable Development Goals. Justify your plan with supporting evidence and potential outcomes.

Process and Procedure on how ChatGPT can help teachers frame a balanced question paper for exams and test’s incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy Model as a base:

STEP 1: Open ChatGPT and type “Frame Questions on the Impact of Sustainable Development Goals on the economic growth”


Figure No: 1 Showing ChatGPT outcomes on “Frame questions on the Impact of Sustainable Development Goals on the Economic Growth”

STEP 2: Modify the primary question posted to Chat GPT and rephrase it as “Frame Questions on the Impact of Sustainable Development Goals on the economic growth considering REMEMBER LEVEL in Bloom’s Taxonomy Model.


Figure No 2: Showing the outcomes of ChatGPT for the input “Frame questions on the Impact of Sustainable Development Goals on the Economic Growth”

Inference: If you closely observe Figure No 2, the first five questions produced by Chat GPT have indicated with Remember level action verbs such as What Can, Name, Recall, etc. Hence, ChatGPT has given a list of 15 questions keeping remember level as a base. Likewise, ChatGPT can be used further to find questions, to modify questions as per different models and tools.

ChatGPT has been disrupting academics because it is used to make the work simpler and faster. When it comes to quality consciousness will Chat GPT be the right choice by the academicians? Yes! Chat GPT is an AI-powered Chatbot that has to be carefully used considering academic values, ethics, and consecration. Chat GPT is moreover a facilitator to help professionals gain better insights and guide them in the intellectual journey. However, using Chat GPT is an “Art” and needs hands-on experience to know how it can be used, why it has to be used and also the reasons not to use Chat GPT. In this article, an example related to Bloom’s Taxonomy Model was highlighted in the light of Chat GPT. Faculty fraternities in the academic domain would not have even had a dream where they used Chat GPT to frame question papers for the evaluation tests. However, the perception has changed as everyone wants to explore technology and make their work more simple and easier. Even in the above example, it was mentioned that the teachers may become lazy but, to be honest, ChatGPT can be used to frame questions with a motto of being innovative, creative, informative, meaningful, and complete. No one can directly take the output produced by ChatGPT but can use the output as a reference. If ChatGPT is used as a reference and a hub for resources to collect information and grow knowledge anyone using this platform will benefit if not, they would end up in unethical practices.

ChatGPT in Marketing:

How does chat GPT help customers in query management and acquisition of marketing information (In the pre-purchase stage)?

We are thankful for having Artificial Intelligence which has made our work easier in suitable decision-making processes especially when we involve ourselves in any purchase decision. Not everyone is good at decision-making. Some customers have a thirst to buy products of different brands, but they are unaware of the product/service information. Maybe they do not find the right source to make a reliable decision that can be further used in the decision-making process. We all have learned that “Management” is an art and a science and hence sometimes decision-making itself becomes a creativity and is not a natural inbuilt component that humans have/possess within themselves. However, AI has made it easier and more comfortable to support humans in making the right decision. This is from the customer perspective where ChatGPT can help the customer get reviews, positive and negative feedback, track the business history, Know the characteristics of the product/service, and get suggestions for better products/services.

From the business perspective, ChatGPT can be used to automate tasks, generate responses to customer inquiries, summarize email threads, and power human-like chatbots. Chat GPT isn’t ready to single-handedly run a contact center, but it can lighten agents’ workloads. Good customer service is the basic, standard customer service that everyone gives to the customer. Excellent customer service means meeting the expectation of the customer in an accurate time. AI is used in customer services to enhance efficiency and provide better support. The example taken here is the GUCCI brand which is an Italian-based fashion brand that has become famous across the globe. Before a customer purchases a brand, he/she would like to know about the product features. In addition, certain customers vouch for customer experience and level of satisfaction which they may enjoy in the post-purchase process. In that regard, we have asked ChatGPT to know “How GUCCI satisfies its customers”

Process and procedure on how Chat GPT supports the decision-making process of customers

Step 1: Open and write “How Gucci satisfies their customer” This is a generic question where we do not specify about the product or service. On the other hand, we do not mention if it’s a pre-purchase or post-purchase scenario.


Figure No:3 Showing the outcomes for the question “How ChatGPT satisfies its customer with its services?”


Figure No:4 Showing the output for the asked question on “GUCCI and customer services”

Inference: From the above output received from ChatGPT regarding the brand “GUCCI” and “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” it is quite interesting to know that GUCCI has its standard strategies to enhance customer satisfaction which include product quality, innovative design, etc. This will surely help any customer to know about the brand before he/she is involved in actual purchase action. However, there is a major drawback about the new brands or local brands which ChatGPT is not aware. Hence, a local product or a brand that is new to the market cannot be complemented by ChatGPT.

Customers need information even if they do not want to buy a specific brand. These customer types are known as “Intellectual Customers” as they do not depend on the sales representatives to get the product details. They prepare themselves before they visit a store to make an actual purchase. In addition, knowledge is power, knowing about the products is good so that as customers we make strategic decisions and gain maximum utility from it. The above snapshot explained how ChatGPT will help the customer to get feedback on a popular brand called “GUCCI”. This, in turn, saves the time of the marketer as his customers are intelligent and smart. On the other hand, customers cannot be cheated by marketers as they get all information related to products and services. Hence, from this article, it is suggested that marketers can have MOUs with ChatGPT to promote brand details. Apart from just receiving reviews about a specific brand ChatGPT is used for various other purposes such as: Customer Engagement, Market research and new insights for decision making, Interactive marketing campaigns, etc. Thus, marketing will flourish with the help of ChatGPT.