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Anuj Agarwal

Emotional Oil: Prices driven by sentiments and speculation

Brent crude oil prices have risen almost 20% starting September and there seems to be no fundamental reason for this rise. Much of the rise has been fueled by speculations over geo-political developments in the...


Let’s not cheer India’s growth recovery yet

India’s GDP growth recovered to 6.3% in 2QFY18 from a three-year low of 5.7% in 1QFY18. On the supply side, the growth recovery came on the back of a rebound in manufacturing activity to 7%...


Air pollution and Delhi

Smoke! Smog! These two words are frequent updates on Google weather alerts across Indian metros. Air in India has lost its status as a public good and become a luxury good. What makes matters worse...


Why India’s exports are faltering?

India’s dismal export performance is bad news for Modi’s much touted Make in India campaign. Exports contracted 2% in FY15 and the weakness has continued in FY16. Weak external demand has adversely impacted growth. India’s...


First let me take a selfie! (with daughter)

‘#Selfie’ – the pop number by The Chain smokers can probably be the anthem of newest social media trend in India. When Sunil Jaglan, a sarpanch in Haryana’s Bibipur village posted a selfie with his...