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Demystifying challenges of Metaverse in Marketing

With Facebook’s rebranding to meta, metaverse has attracted a wide range of organisations and academics worldwide. While multiple immerging virtual worlds connect with one other, the internet will play a vital part in the metaverse’s...


How Artificial intelligence (AI) creates a shift from reality to virtual reality (VR)

I was in my 5th grade when our Principal announced in the class that from that academic year, we are going to have a whole new subject called “Basics in Computer”. We were quite excited...


Coronavirus spurs energy transition through artificial intelligence

The coronavirus crisis has significantly increased the speed of digitization worldwide. It has lowered the cost of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) while triggering innovation. In the near future, digitization will be supporting...


Gamescom: Virtual reality is only an interim solution

Virtual Reality is THE hot topic at the computer games fare Gamescom in Cologne. Special glasses are seen everywhere on the fairgrounds. But they are just a stop on the way to the ultimate gaming...