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Understanding Consumer Psychology: Construal Level Theory

In an effort to understand the behaviour of consumers in their process of buying, many theories, concepts, models etc., have been forwarded. From social psychology marketers have adopted Construal level theory (CLT) to explain how...


Showrooming and Webrooming: The Emerging Trends Consumer Behaviour

Over the past half century, business in general and retail in particular has achieved enviable growth in terms of technology and revenue. Development seems to be a sure thing in view of the burgeoning economies...

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My foray into consumer facing applications

Those who have worked with me so far know me as a core technology person. From my days in networking, developing solutions for Internet mobility, security and multicast to my recent years in context aware...

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P&G : Buy & Hold it

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is amongst the leading consumer goods companies globally. It came into existence in 1837. The company has presence in more than 180 countries today, serving around 5 billion people across the...