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Brazil Deforestation escalates alongside coronavirus in Brazil

Experts predict a double catastrophe in the Amazon rainforest if the coronavirus pandemic overlaps with the forest fire season. The Brazilian government has frozen climate funds and rolled back environmental regulations. Civil society groups and...

miang tea

Wild miang tea could help save Thailand’s forests

Miang tea trees, the forerunner of plantation tea, grow wild in Thailand’s forests. Now, eco-friendly businesses are using the tree’s leaves to strive for the perfect cup of tea and foster biodiversity at the same...


Charcoal: exported by Africa, bought by Europe

Charcoal from tropical forests has a terrible effect on the environment, but it also puts food on peoples’ tables. Nigeria is one of the world’s largest exporters — and some of it even ends up...


Granting indigenous land rights could save the climate – or not

Indigenous peoples believe they preserve forests best – something that is becoming more important as the planet heats up. But indigenous peoples need land title to implement protection – why is this so contentious? Indigenous...