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Dollar Dumped on Doubts on US Economic Agenda

News of the defection of two more Republican Senators doomed the Senate attempt to replace and repeal America’s national health care. The failure to replace the system dubbed Obamacare, despite the Republican majority in both...

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Economic Reforms needs a Paradigm shift

A few months back there was a World Bank Report, inter alia, highlighting that India slipped to the 142nd position in the ranking of 189 countries in respect of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ which prompted...

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An economic blueprint

Previous year has altered the political picture in striking ways. The most conspicuous change is in prime ministers: reclusive, modest, uncommunicative Manmohan Singh has given way to vocal, expressive, dramatic Narendra Modi. A less noticed change...

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India: Will economic reforms pick up?

Before it relinquished power the UPA government had reigned in the fiscal deficit and the current account deficit. This was a major achievement of the former Finance Minister. After coming to power the BJP government...