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Indian Stocks: Invest in “Quality” but….

While globally the trend is clearly in favour of ETF’s or passive investing, emerging markets like India still offers plenty of scope for stock selection and active management. Investors can take a cue from bellwether...


Dollar, Equities and Yields Fall

In thin holiday markets, a correction to the trends seen in Q4 has materialized. The US dollar is heavy. Japanese and European equities are lower. Bonds are firmer. Some reports try to link the moves...


Bonds and Stocks Rally, Leaving Greenback to Meander

The US dollar entered a consolidative phase yesterday, and this carried into today’s activity. While the foreign exchange market is sidelined as the two-week trend slows, the stocks and bonds are posting strong gains today....

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Performance of the US dollar and outlook on Indian Commodities and equities

Ashith Kampani, an Independent Financial Advisor & Entrepreneur, with capital market experience of more than 30 years. Currently Chairman of CosmicMandala15 Financial Advisors LLP, chairing two committees of Bombay Chamber – India’s premier chamber of...