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The Language Controversy

The two language policy is again in the news. The argument in favour of a two language policy is that a three language policy imposes a heavy burden on the student where he has to...

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Two Language Policy, debate continues

The language controversy keeps erupting every now and then in India. Initially, it was considered that it was the people in Tamil Nadu who were primarily opposed to the imposition of Hindi.Today the people of...

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Part Three – India’s Language Policy – The Solution

We now try to suggest some solutions to India’s complex language problem. As regards usage of languages, our prescription would be as follows: English should be the medium of instruction in higher education and the...

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Part Two – India’s Language Policy – A Link Language

The  language  problem  is  not solved by deciding the medium of instruction in educational institutions. The problem of communication between state governments still remains. At present, each state government is in the process of adopting...

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Part one – India’s Language Policy – Challenges

The question often arises: what should be India’s national language. The problem does not end merely by deciding what shall be our national language. More than a national language what we require is a comprehensive...