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Impact of demonetization drive, the good, the bad & the ugly

After growing at a rate of 7% plus continuously for six quarters, India’s GDP growth is set to decelerate in Q3FY17 on account of the NDA government’s demonetization move started on 8th November. While rendering...


Livelihood programmes

Economics can be good entertainment, as readers of this column might have realized. But it is also concerned with people’s satisfaction; so it would be legitimate to ask if it has made anyone happy, other...

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Putting life into India

I must say I was surprised to read that Kaushik Basu, once my friend and neighbour, had been succeeded as chief economist of World Bank by Paul Romer, whom I admire as an inventive economist....


Selfcongratulation galore

The completion of two years in power by the current government has unleashed a plethora of assessments. It is not worth adding an umpteenth assessment; a critical assessment would be taken by the government’s supporters...


A resigned governor

It cannot be said that the resignation of Raghuram Rajan was separation by mutual consent. He had implicitly indicated his willingness to serve another term; his change of mind indicates either that he was given...