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Falling oil prices, bank rates & inflation in covid-19: is there a silver lining?

A tsunami of COVID-19 has impacted us all socially, economically and psychologically. The focus in the initial phase was on saving lives (Jaan) and is now shifting to economic wellbeing (Jahaan) of individuals, business and...


Donald Trump vs. OPEC: What can he do to bring down oil prices?

Donald Trump’s pledge that the US “won’t put up with high oil prices for much longer” has led to speculation about how he may try to force OPEC’s hand. Skepticism abounds over whether the price...


Indian airlines struggle in a turbulent aviation market

High fuel prices, fare wars and a depreciating rupee are making it difficult for Indian airlines to stay aloft. Despite increased passenger numbers, observers say operating models have to change. Jet Airways, India’s second-largest airline,...