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Kids Development: Lessons learned from Nikola Tesla and his imagination

Aran is the youngest and the cutest son of his home. He had five elder siblings. From an outsider’s point of view, Aran’s was a happy family and he was a cute little boy. But...


Kids and Parents: Juicy Tomato with supernatural powers

In this world, everyone has their own thought process. But have we ever wondered how small kids process every new thing they encounter? What would be their first reaction to those encounters? Dhaksha is one...


Leadership and Parenting: Two sides of the same coin

Are Parenting and Leadership both skills that one can develop over a period of time? Yes, certainly. One of the ways, to become aware, develop and sharpen these two very essential skill sets in personal...

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Mom and Me : Sharing the joy of parenting together

Child bearing and child rearing are issues often discussed only in the context of women employees and their work-life balance challenges. Both the law of land as well as well wishing employers try to help...